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Glide into 2016 with a NY SUP Tour

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Discover Slovenia's rivers, lakes and sea

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SUP & Sail Croatia's Islands

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recharge your body and soul

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Indulge yourself
in local cuisine

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Relax in cosy boutique hotels

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Sup Slovenia Discovery

SUP holiday tours in Slovenia, Croatia's islands and Venice. Discover more.

Peloponnesos Sup Discovery

OCT 7-14, 1.550 € ALL-INCLUSIVE
8 days (6 sup days)

Alps to Coast Tour

from 1.850 € ALL-INCLUSIVE
8 days (6 sup days)

SUP & Snow Tour

from 1.850 € ALL-INCLUSIVE

Slovenia Grand Circle Tour

from 2.390 € ALL-INCLUSIVE
11 days (9 SUP days)

SUP & Sail Croatia’s Islands

from 2.350 € ALL-INCLUSIVE
8 days (8 SUP days)

One-Day SUP Tour

from 250 € ALL-INCLUSIVE
1 day

SUPer Weekend Tour

from 1.020 € ALL-INCLUSIVE
4 days

Venice Tour

from 600 € ALL-INCLUSIVE
2 days

New Year’s SUP Tour

from 1.550 € ALL-INCLUSIVE
28 Dec 2017 - 01 Jan 2018
We are open 365 days per year


More than SUP: Wine Tasting (NEW on Alps to Coast Tour)

Raise your glass to an unforgettable experience! A glass of wine per day is good for your health, we say in Slovenia. But for us there is so much more to wine than that. Slovenia is a wine country, home to the world’s oldest grape vine (more than 400 years old and still bea
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