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The Team

Samo Laharnar
Husband, father of 3 great kids, designer and familly globe trotter, founder od Supslovenia – promoting sup and active life in nature. - When your hobby becomes a way of life, you're on the right track. -
Marko Senegačnik
Watersports lover and outdoor enthusiast, father of two great kids. - The best way to cross a river is not always the shortest one. -

We are watermen and SUP is our passion, our link to the nature, and a way of life. Our greatest pleasure is sharing our fascination with this beautiful sport with others.

We met on the water on a special day, Sup Slovenia paddling event for a cause – care for water resources. And this 24-km paddle on the Ljubljanica River turned out to be just the beginning of a greater journey ahead of us. A couple of months later Sup Slovenia Discovery was born.

Sup Slovenia Discovery is an adventurous idea

We are travelers, curious explorers, forever looking for new experiences. We take what is given to us and try to make the best out of it, to make it special.

The two of us have the privilege to live in a small, picturesque country of Slovenia, abundant with pure nature, amazing water scenery, rich culture and history … countless traveler’s attractions, concentrated within one- to two-hour drive radius. Here, in a single day one can paddle on still Alpine lakes in the morning, bathe in the Adriatic sea in the afternoon and relax at a fancy dinner in the lively streets of Old Town of Ljubljana in the evening. Or jump to Venice, Italy, if you wish! Two hours later you are sipping an espresso at the Canal Grande. That is a traveler’s fantasy! And there aren’t many places like this.

But there is a way to make all of this even more magical – if you experience it from a SUP perspective! A one-of-a-kind experience that we would like to share with you. We call it SUP-seeing! Or in other words …

… Discovering the beauty of Slovenia from a standup perspective.

This is our idea behind the Sup Slovenia Discovery. Jump aboard for a one-of-a-kind experience!