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The tour is owned and operated by SSD ADVENTURES d.o.o. located at Tbilisijska ulica 34, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia – (known as Sup Slovenia Discovery for the purposes of these Terms & Conditions). By signing the booking form, you agree to the following terms and conditions between Sup Slovenia Discovery and yourself (participant).

Reservations & Payments

In order to participate in any of the tours organized by Sup Slovenia Discovery, participants must sign a booking form. A reservation is made when the participant submits a signed booking form and a reservation deposit.

Payment in full is required 60 days before the start of the tour. Each participant is required to sign a release form and a rights waiver form before the start of the tour. Sup Slovenia Discovery cannot accept a participant without a signed release and waiver form.

To secure a place on the tour, a deposit of 250-400 Euros (depending on the tour) per person is required at the time of booking. The balance is due 60 days before the tour starts. If the total balance is not received 60 days before the start of the tour, Sup Slovenia Discovery reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Discounts only apply in case of 4-day tours or longer. Different discounts cannot be combined and you can only use one discount per room/tour.


Sup Slovenia Discovery is responsible for providing the services listed in the tour descriptions according to local standards. However, due to situations beyond its control (such as weather, extremely high or low waters, road work, hotel closures …), Sup Slovenia Discovery reserves the right, without prior notice, to withdraw any or all parts of a tour or to make such changes as may be necessary including extra costs, if applicable, which shall be paid by the customer.

Sup Slovenia Discovery agents, representatives and guides represent us, but are not a party to this contract, and are not responsible or liable for any failure to provide any service as may be described on our website or pertaining to the contract.


A participant must follow the safety instructions and recommendations of a Sup Slovenia Discovery guide at all times. If a participant repeatedly fails to do so, Sup Slovenia Discovery reserves the right to revoke this contract and remove the participant’s rental stand up paddling equipment for the remainder of the tour with no monetary refund. The Owners, Operators and Agents of this tour including Sup Slovenia Discovery, are not the guardians of the participant’s safety and they cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with any activity in connection with the tour which might result in injury, death or other damage to the participant, his property, his/heirs family or third parties. The liability of SUP Slovenia Discovery is limited to a total of three times the tour price irrespective of the title/claim.

SUP Equipment

Sup Slovenia Discovery provides stand up paddle equipment as part of the tour package. The pictures and descriptions of the stand up paddle boards and paddles on this website do not always represent the exact version of the boards provided. Please email us if you have any special preferences. Sup Slovenia Discovery reserves the right to substitute stand up paddling equipment confirmed to a participant, but will make every effort to contact the participant prior to any substitution. However, certain uncontrollable situations (such as damage or theft) may require a substitution.

A security deposit of 400 Euros must be paid to Sup Slovenia Discovery at the beginning of the stand up paddle equipment rental period. The deposit will be held until the undamaged stand up paddle board and paddle are returned in acceptable condition. The deposit will be refunded at that time. If you intend on bringing your own stand up paddle equipment, please let us know in advance.


We realize that in some instances, cancellations are due to circumstances beyond your control. If you do cancel, but are able to make another trip at a later date we will do our best to offer you a discount on another tour.

If a participant cancels a tour following the booking confirmation, Sup Slovenia Discovery reserves the right to withhold a part of the deposit to cover the costs incurred.

Number of days prior to departure Cancellation fee per person
More than 60 days 250-400 EUR (depending on the tour)
60 – 30 days 50% of tour price
29 – 15 days 75% of tour price
Less than 15 days before departure No refund

No exception to this policy can be made for any reason.

Sup Slovenia Discovery reserves the right to raise or lower its prices at any time. We also reserve the right to correct errors in both advertised and confirmed prices (both before and after your confirmation has been issued).

In the case where Sup Slovenia Discovery must cancel the tour due to lack of participation, the participant will be notified as soon as possible. Sup Slovenia Discovery will offer to conduct the tour if all participants agree to a supplemental charge due to the low number of tour members. If participants do not agree to pay the supplement, Sup Slovenia Discovery will refund their deposit and payments in full, which will constitute the full settlement. Sup Slovenia Discovery is not liable for any additional costs or losses incurred by the participant due to the cancellation of the tour due to lack of participants. This includes, but is not limited to, the cost of pre-paid airline tickets, hotel reservations and automobile rentals. Situations beyond our control may arise which make it necessary for us to reschedule or cancel a tour, change itineraries or make substitutions regarding paddling sites, hotels, cities, guides and other travel arrangements. We do not assume responsibility or liability for any resulting losses, expenses or inconvenience to the participant. Sup Slovenia Discovery is not required to make refunds once the tour commences, regardless of the reason for the participant’s inability to complete his tour.

Financial Insolvency Liability

Our insurance covers scenarios where the Policyholder is unable, due to its bankruptcy, to:
a) refund prepaid deposit to entitled persons or the price of the tour, in the event that no tour has taken place;
b) return, to entitled persons, the difference between the amount paid for a tour and the price of the part of the tour actually provided, in the event that only a part of the tour has taken place.


If the participant does not comply with local laws, Sup Slovenia Discovery reserves the right to revoke this contract and remove the participant’s rental stand up paddling equipment. Participants agree to not cause any damage to natural surroundings or third parties through their actions during the tour. In the event a participant repeatedly ignores rules or causes others to feel threatened by their actions, Sup Slovenia Discovery reserves the right to revoke this contract and remove the participant’s rental stand up paddling equipment. If the participant repeatedly ignores the rules (not keeping up with the tour schedule, disrespecting other participants on the tour, guides, hotel and restaurant staff etc.) Sup Slovenia Discovery reserves the right to revoke this contract with no monetary refund. The participant is responsible for complying with passport and visa regulations and takes responsibility for consequences resulting from non-compliance.

The participant must be a good swimmer and a master of basic stand up paddling techniques (paddling straight, turning and stopping the board on still and moving water (sea waves up to 50 cm – approx. 2 feet)). Children must be accompanied by parents.

Children & non-supping partners: A child who is not able to stand up paddle on his/her own board must be accompanied by a parent/an adult who will accompany him/her on land while other tour members will be on the water. Please consider the average planned paddling time per day being 2 to 3 hours. Adult non-supping partners are also welcome.

Participants are fully aware of the risks and dangers involved in outdoor activities like stand up paddling, swimming, hiking, mountain bike riding or any other activity potentially suggested as a supplemental activity to the tour and accept full liability.

The fares quoted by Sup Slovenia Discovery, its agents or publications are those in effect at the time of printing. On rare occasions, due to situations beyond our control, Sup Slovenia Discovery reserves the right to change tour prices any time prior to 60 days before departure. Sup Slovenia Discovery reserves the right to correct printing errors or calculation mistakes at any time.

Sup Slovenia Discovery recommends that guests take out adequate travel, health and accident insurance.

Sup Slovenia Discovery attempts to schedule its tours at a time when the weather is pleasant for stand up paddling. As weather conditions can change, Sup Slovenia Discovery is not liable for unpleasant weather conditions and no refunds will be made for such conditions.

Photos and videos produced by Sup Slovenia Discovery are the property of Sup Slovenia Discovery. The copyrights rest with Sup Slovenia Discovery. Sup Slovenia Discovery can use all such material for advertising and marketing purposes, including images in which participants can be recognized, without any charge from the participant. Participants who submit photos to Sup Slovenia Discovery agree to allow the use of such photos by Sup Slovenia Discovery for advertising and marketing purposes.

Sup Slovenia Discovery assumes no responsibility for the loss, damage or delay in delivering baggage to tour participants. Baggage turned over to Sup Slovenia Discovery for transport each day is done so at the participant’s own risk. Baggage insurance is recommended.

Let us know about any special dietary requirements.