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By air

You can get to Ljubljana via all major European hubs (Frankfurt, Paris, London, Vienna …) from where you take a national carrier Adria Airways or an other airline that flies to Ljubljana.

You can find good deals on the following online flight booking websites:


By shuttle van

You can also get to Ljubljana by flying to Venice, Munich or Vienna and then taking a shuttle van or a train to Ljubljana. If you are planning on visiting these cities before and after the tour this is a good alternative.

Shuttle van from Venice, Italy

This is the best way to get from Venice to Ljubljana. You can choose between two operators: DRD and Go Opti.

DRD is a line between Ljubljana and Venice airport with a fixed schedule and price (25 EUR one way). It picks you up in the parking outside the airport.

Go Opti departure times are not fixed and depend on arrivals of passengers. The price depends on the number of passengers in a van and is confirmed at the time of booking (around 25 – 30 EUR). The exact departure time is only confirmed and fixed 24h before departure.

Shuttle van from Munich, Germany

Go Opti  takes you to Ljubljana from Munich airport and Munich downtown.


By train

You can also get to Ljubljana by train from Munich (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Zagreb (Croatia), Budapest (Hungary), Zurich (Switzerland) and in some cases with Go Opti. For train connections see Slovenian Railways website.

If you need more information on how to get to Ljubljana, we will be happy to help you. Please send us an e-mail.