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In touch with nature

At SUP Slovenia Discovery, we are grateful to both nature and people for welcoming us at every destination of our trip. This is why we always try to give our best in return. We carefully select accommodation facilities that share our attitude towards local natural habitats and people. Eco- and family-run boutique hotels are our first choice, whenever possible, however, your comfort is our top priority.

Local delicacies

On our tours you can expect to discover Slovenia with all of your senses and local delicacies are a big part of this. The places we visit are carefully chosen and offer only the best local specialities. As we take you from region to region you also gain insight into local cultures and people’s coexistence with nature by discovering local foods and wines.


A buffet-style breakfast is served each morning at the hotel. Lunch and dinner are either served at the hotel, at the selected restaurant near the paddling site or on route to the next destination.


All of our tour members are provided with the hotel names, addresses and contact numbers about one month before the beginning of the tour. All hotel proprietors speak English.

We are also happy to arrange any additional overnight stays preceding and following the tour. If you have any questions or special requests regarding accommodation, please let us know in advance.