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More than SUP: Wine Tasting (NEW on Alps to Coast Tour)

Raise your glass to an unforgettable experience! A glass of wine per day is good for your health, we say in Slovenia. But for us there is so much more to wine than that. Slovenia is a wine country, home to the world’s oldest grape vine (more than 400 years old and still bearing
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Disconnecting at Croatia’s Islands

2 paddlers, 4 days, 5 islands, 100 km The marvelous Croatia’s coast with over a thousand islands could as well be one of the hottest pins lately added to the world’s top holiday destinations map. But for me, Croatia has always been a synonym for a memorable summer holiday.
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Disconnecting at Croatia's Islands

Disconnecting at Croatia’s Islands – Video

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2 guys, 4 days, 5 islands, 100 kilometres. Enjoy a few magical moments from our post-season sup trip along the northern Croatia’s islands. Read the full story on this epic expedition.
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Venice – Custom SUP Tour

Venice is magical, one-of-a-kind, a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. That is why it is crowded with tourists all year long. But just around the corner from the busy streets you can discover another, more peaceful and easy-going but equally impressive side of this historic t
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Dalmatia - paddle boarding paradise

1001 Islands of Croatia

Once upon a time lived a poor fisherman. With his beautiful wife and his son he lived in a simple stone-built house on a small island … a story from the One Thousand and One Nights or a live experience of a present-day visitor to one of the remote Croatia’s islands? Well,
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Lake Bled & Bled island

Paddle, Explore & Indulge at Lake Bled, Slovenia

If you have only seen one photo of Slovenia, chances are it is of Lake Bled. The turquoise Alpine lake embellished with a church on a tiny island and the medieval castle steeping above the lake is Slovenia’s number one touristic destination. But from a paddler’s point of v
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Slovenia Grand Circle SUP Tour (Review)

11 days of paddling, exploring and indulging “Why would I go on a SUP holiday? my friends were asking me almost in shock as I told them about my plans to spend my summer time off on a standup paddle board. Because of this – I showed them the photos on you web page …
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Lake Bled with Bled Castle in the background

Sup Slovenia Discovery – Video Trailer

Here is a short video trailer of our SUP Holidays. To watch the full movie check out the dates of live screenings. (For optimal video quality, please adjust player settings to HD.)
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Touch the Nature at Lake Bohinj

“Still and quiet” Lake Bohinj might not be the most known lake in Slovenia since it quietly hides in the shadow of the world-renowned Lake Bled. But if you are not an ordinary tourist looking for a famous background for a selfie, you will take a 30-minute ride further up i
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Alps to Coast SUP Tour (Review)

“Small and special” These are the words that I find most suitable when people ask me what is it like to explore Slovenia from a SUP perspective. “Small and special” covers it all – a tiny, but picturesque country with a great variety of SUP terrains, from
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A glimpse at Alps to Coast SUP Tour (Video)

A few impressions from our Alps to Coast SUP Tour in June 2015, to give you an idea of what to expect on our tours. You can read a day-by-day review of this Alps to Coast SUP Tour here.
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Destination Guide to Paddle Boarding Slovenia

Slovenia is a miniature, picturesque country located in the heart of Europe between the Alps and the Adriatic sea. Due to its untouched nature and extraordinary geographic diversity it is often refered to as the beauty-spot of Europe. Also known for its amazing water scenery with an a
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The Mysterious Lake Cerknica

Levitating on Lake Cerknica – the lake that vanishes In the heart of Notranjska, the most distinct Karst landscape in Slovenia, in a Karst field sheltered from the southwest by the densely wooded Javorniki Hills, lies the illustrious Lake Cerknica. It is an intermittent lake, fi
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New Sup Tours!

We added three new tours to our list in order to expand the Sup Slovenia Discovery experience with more diversity in many ways – tour duration, sight-seeing attractions and sup seasons. So, here they are, freshly baked from Slovenia 😉 New Year’s Sup Tour (5 days, 3 sup day
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Ljubljana The Beloved – video

What to expect in Ljubljana? Where to go, what to see & do? Many of our Facebook followers have been asking us these questions about Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, where our tours start and conclude. In this short film you will discover some of the answers. You’ll
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Discovering SUP on the Kolpa River

Finally. It was one of those moments when things you’ve been trying to make happen for months just click together within a single phone call. »Tomorrow?«, »Sounds great!«, »6:00 AM?«, »Are you nuts?!« So started our perfect day. My long-time friend and a photographer Anže Petkov
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