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More Than SUP: A Culinary Journey

Slovenian traditional cuisines from all regions with a contemporary touch of the famous Jezeršek family

LOVE goes through the stomach, we say in sLOVEnia

Food has always played a very important role in our everyday lives. Through the past it represented a time when a family gathered to pace down, reconnect with each other and enjoy in a (simple) home-made meal prepared by a housewife with love and attention. Symbolicaly, a meal also represented a reward for the good work done.

Nowadays, times are different but the tradition remains – even in the most hectic day Slovenians would find the time to stop for a moment and treat ourselves with a good lunch or dinner in a good company. Also, a vast variety of cuisines make for a good excuse to do so, as a meal can also be an exploration – an escape to another country, a taste of unexpected combinations of ingredients, and a play of colours and scents.

Today, the saying is as true as ever, but with a slight twist – indulging in good food means enjoying life. And this is what we are after on our tours.

Delicious tastes from different regions of Slovenia

From traditional to sophisticated

As we wander through different regions of Slovenia in search of the best sup spots, we also treat ourselves with the best local culinary delicacies. We take you to places that offer something special – be it a guest house with simple local traditional dishes or a high-end restaurant with a contemporary cuisine and awarded chefs. Whichever best represents the place or the region and completes your overall experience of Slovenia.

Traditional cuisine from the Soča valley: frika, čompe and polenta


Plum potato dumplings from the Prekmurje region

Home-grown and home-made

Slovenia is known as the most sustainable European country. Which also goes for the food. Most places we visit will serve you locally-grown and locally-produced foods, from meats from local farms to fresh and hand-picked vegetables and fruits.

Starters: home-produced cheeses and jams

Wine: red, white, orange?

Wine is also a very important part of Slovenia’s culture and tradition. You can get a glass of an excellent wine even in the most remote village. On our longer tours in Slovenia, such as Alps to Coast and Slovenia Grand Circle Tour, we dedicate the whole evening to a wine-tasting experience. In a company of the best Slovenian sommeliers we taste some of the best Slovenian wines and get a brief insight into Slovenia’s wine-growing culture and tradition. Did you know that Slovenia prides itself with the oldest vine that still produces grapes in the world? You can find it on the city-hall wall in the town of Maribor. You can read more on our wine tasting experiences in a separate article in our blog.

Wine tasting at Bled

Special dietary requirements, vegetarians, vegans …

If you have any kind of dietary preference you let us know in advance (in a booking form that you complete after making a reservation) and we will arrange our choice of restaurants to suit your taste.

Home-made gnocchi with sea-food

Give it a go! Get a bite. Have a taste and make a toast to an unforgettable holiday! Bon appetit and “Dober tek” as we say in Slovenian.

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